Transformation through partnership

At Skylight Cyber, we aim to take your security posture beyond the point of economic viability for attackers. Your transformation journey starts now.

Understanding your business

The first step is understanding how your business works inside and out, and engaging all relevant stakeholders in the transformation process. Threats relevant to your organisation’s profile are mapped out.

Demonstrating the cyber attack path

We demonstrate real cyber attack paths that can be actively exploited in your current IT or OT environment to compromise your critical assets. Only by an offensive security approach can you determine your real exposure.

Matching your controls to your threats

Given what’s at stake, we match realistic controls to your threats to quickly and effectively reduce your risk exposure.

Building a pragmatic cybersecurity strategy

After uncovering your true security landscape, together we build a holistic cybersecurity strategy and program suitable to your resources to maintain an acceptable level of risk.

Provide ongoing advisory support as your security partner

Once you kick-off your new cybersecurity journey, we provide ongoing advisory support as your security partner when you need it. Your security strategy will also continuously evolve as the landscape changes.




Acceptable Level of Risk

Our Capabilities

To support you on your cyber transformation journey, we have a team with extensive expertise across:

Penetration Testing & Red Teaming

Design & Architecture

Incident Response

Cybersecurity Strategy & GRC

Training & Simulations

Technical Due Diligence

The key difference in our approach

By combining our offensive security expertise with business acumen, we are able to:

Translate and bridge the gap between business, IT and cybersecurity mindsets

Combine a top-down and bottom-up approach to cyber strategy

Provide you with pragmatic advice and security road maps that make sense for your organisation

Case Studies


Skylight Cyber was engaged to determine this health company’s exposure to potential cybersecurity incidents. In particular, what could stop them from getting products on shelves and maintain strong confidence in product quality?

The Organisation Profile

  • ASX200 listed company
  • 1000+ employees
  • Asia-Pacific presence

The Solution

  • Map out the business processes that underpin Group operation across the business units
  • Identify unique cybersecurity risks and map to organisational risk register
  • Blackbox and whitebox penetration testing of multiple environments

The Results

  • 25+ stakeholders interviewed to increase organisation awareness and engagement
  • 50+ technical findings underpinned by 30+ verified exploitable techniques were contextualised to uncover technical risk exposure
  • 80+ short/medium/long term remediation items formed the backbone of a security roadmap to buy down risk


Skylight Cyber was engaged to assist a Group comprised of business units of varying levels of security maturity. Given disparate systems and a complex global supply chain, how can the Group ensure that potential disruptions to the value chain are minimised?

The Organisation Profile

  • Hundreds of Millions of € in revenue
  • Thousands of employees acorss 30+ business units globally
  • Globally dispersed supply chain

The Solution

  • Defined a cybersecurity strategy and risk framework to allow risk definition and prioritisation
  • Formalised and standardised cybersecurity processes across the Group
  • Performed multiple security testing exercises and security configuration reviews for business across the organisation

The Results

  • Mitigated cybersecurity related risks to acceptable levels in high-priority business units in the first year
  • Created a governance framework to control the implementation and ongoing maintenance of Group standards across key business units

Financial Services and Banking

Skylight Cyber was engaged to review the security design concepts and implementation of a new cloud-based banking platform. Is this platform ready for production from a security perspective, and does it expose the organisation's corporate network to additional risk?

The Organisation Profile

  • Large financial services institution
  • Millions of customers
  • Financially regulated entity

The Solution

  • Red team technical assessment to identify potential attack vectors, vulnerabilities and risks within the environment, focusing on likely techniques that could be utilised by a threat actor to create an adverse business impact.
  • Root cause analysis workshops with stakeholders to identify underlying issues such as SDLC and control deficiencies.

The Results

  • 50+ technical findings leading up to the analysis of higher-order issues in security operations
  • Highlighted the exposure of the organisation's legacy systems due to weaknesses in the cloud deployment
  • Provided recommendations for locking down the environment and delivering true "secure by design" practices as per the defined risk appetite.

Engineering and Construction

Skylight Cyber was engaged to determine how the organisation would fare against a simulated adversary. Can the organisation prevent, detect and respond to activities targeting its most critical assets?

The Organisation Profile

  • Global company
  • 50,000+ employees across the globe
  • Billions of $ in revenue

The Solution

  • Execution of blackbox red team exercise to test the effectiveness of the company's prevention and detection capabilities
  • Transition to an incident response and crisis management exercise involving multiple layers of the organisation, from IT all the way to the board
  • Post-mortem workshops to identify improvement opportunities

The Results

  • Evaluation on the performance of security detection and response controls during a real cyber intrusion
  • Raising of internal awareness of cybersecurity threats and how they translate into business impacts
  • 40+ actionable remediation items for quick reduction of risk exposure