Our Services

Designed to evolve and strengthen your security stack to withstand modern cyber security threats

Threat hunting is a proactive detection activity in which an organization aims to detect active and advanced cyber security threats to its core assets that have evaded existing security controls.

Our experienced hunters will join your existing blue team to design and launch threat hunting missions and eradicate active threat actors in your network.

Other than the main benefit of eliminating active attacks in your network, we commonly use the threat hunting activity as a driver for overall security improvement through preventative remediation and capability building.

Investing in a company carries an innate risk which is commonly managed through a due diligence process. With high-tech investments, especially in highly specialized domains, managing the risk requires a high level of domain expertise to challenge core technological concepts, development processes and assessing the quality of the R&D talent.

Our team specializes in cyber security pre-investment technical due diligence, providing a peace of mind for you that the hard questions have been asked, and the answers have been verified.

We use a framework that assesses the leadership, talent, solution and overarching tools and processes to give you a highlight of competency areas, roadmap for improvement and main risks.

Security assessment through penetration testing and red teaming aims to test the security controls of an application, system, or even an entire organization.

Through these services, our offensive security experts will identify vulnerabilities across your security stack, provide remediation advice and even assist in implementation until issues are fully resolved.

"Secure by design" is the safest, most cost-effective approach to building new products, modules and networks.

Our team will join your engineering team from the initial design stage, until a solid security architecture has been defined. We will also assist you in building a “secure by design” culture across your engineering team.

In certain circumstances, off-the-shelf products and tools are not adapted to the requirements at hand and bespoke research or development capabilities are required.

Our research team provides bespoke security research, probing for security weaknesses in systems, networks and products. In addition, we develop tailor-made modules such as post-breach detection utilities, honeypots and other tools as required.

Navigating the cyber security space is a challenging task and one that requires deep understanding of the threat landscape, a realistic analysis of your current posture and a cost-effectiveness driven approach towards your posture evolution.

We assist organizations of all sizes assess their current posture and build an optimized cyber security roadmap. Our roadmap will outline the current cyber maturity level as well as objectives and detailed plan, prioritized by the risk to critical assets in your organization.

Implementing new technologies and selecting new products for deployment in your production carries certain risks. For example, a new endpoint solution can introduce vulnerabilities to your network, or a new SaaS service can expose sensitive data.

Our experts will audit new products and technologies before they are introduced to your network, providing a detailed report highlighting main risks and gaps for remediation. We will also provide you with a privacy report, outlining the main data accessed and stored by the audited technology, if and when relevant.

An incident response is an effort launched as a result of a security event, aiming to eliminate an ongoing malicious activity in the defended network.

As part of an incident response, our team will identify the threat, analyse risk and damages to critical assets, and provide immediate and preventative remediation, uprooting the threat from the network.

In a hacker vs. defender world, it’s all about the people behind the tools and technologies.

Having a well trained workforce and an executive team with a solid understanding of cyber security is paramount to your success.

We provide both executive level and technical workshops to assist in the training and education of your workforce.

Our workshops are customizable and can be delivered remotely or on-site by world class experts.

CTF (capture-the-flag) events are cyber challenges and competitions in which teams and individuals compete to solve varied level of challenges for training, talent acquisition and team building purposes.

Our team has vast experience designing and delivering challenging and fun CTF events for corporates, governments and universities.