Our Mission

Provide our customers with the tools and knowledge required to build and evolve an effective security organization


Cyber security is a highly complex and deep field of expertise, particularly in the prism of large and modern enterprises. Coupling this complexity with the skill gap in the industry creates a dangerous blind spot where many organizations cannot harness the level of expertise required to combat cyber threats.

Skylight was born to bridge the knowledge gap, and provide organizations with the cyber security expertise they need, when they need it. We provide services that take your security posture beyond the point of economical viability for attackers. Our engagements commonly contain both an element of direct service, as well as an element of capability building, strengthening your existing talent and tools.


Adi Ashkenazy's picture

Adi Ashkenazy - CEO

Adi Ashkenazy previously served as deputy director of an elite cyber technology department in the Israeli government, leading Israel’s finest engineers and security professionals through some of the world’s most complex cyber security challenges.

In addition, he served as VP Product for XM Cyber, where he designed the world’s first fully automated red team solution, an achievement for which the company received the world economic forum technology pioneer award and numerous patents.

As part of his broader cyber security interests and activities, Adi commonly presents his work at leading conferences such as RSA while serving as a commentator and thought leader for leading cyber security media outlets.

Mr. Ashkenazy holds a B.Sc. in computer science and M.Sc. in information technologies from Tel Aviv University, where he earned several scholarships for academic excellence and graduated summa cum laude.

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Shahar Zini - CTO

Shahar Zini previously served as CTO of an elite cyber technology department in the Israeli government. He had a significant role in leading the development and enhancement of the department's technological capabilities, while mentoring the new generation of cyber security professionals.
Shahar won the Israeli Defense Award at the age of 25.

In addition, Shahar served as Chief Architect at XM Cyber, a pioneer in Breach and Attack Simulation technologies, where his work received numerous awards and patents.

Shahar commonly shares his passion about cyber security with his peers through CTF events he builds, and participation in leading conferences, including RSA.

17 March 2019

Security Researcher

If you prefer Hex-Rays to sun rays, JMP out of excitement when you bypass a security control and find assembly a little bit too high-level at times, this job is for you.

We are looking for a security researcher to join our team and be the first to discover previously unknown vulnerabilities.

You are potentially a good fit if you possess uncompromising technological passion, endless curiosity and an inability to let go of a challenge until it is has been owned.

12 March 2019

Graphic Designer

We are looking for an awesome graphics designer to infuse visual delight and aesthetics into everything we do.

Work is across both digital and print, with an emphasis on collateral, presentations and infographics.

No preference for tools of the trade, as long as you master them.

Possibility for flexible working hours.